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(Many thanks to Apeiron for the time he spent organizing this forum, and this post.  -Beleth)

1. Request for thread title consistency
2. List of changed thread titles
3. Links

1. Request for thread title consistency
In an effort to keep this forum section well organized (the advantages of which are obvious), I suggest we try the following:

  • All threads about a specific book should follow the following thread title format: Author - Title (Year)
    example: Phil Plait - Bad Astronomy (2002)
  • All threads about an author should follow the following thread title format: Author
    example: Richard Dawkins (*)
  • All threads about a series should follow the following thread title format: Author - SeriesName (BeginYear - EndYear)
    example: Robert Jordan - The Wheel of Time (1990 - 2009)
All other discussions, for example a thread about a specific genre or about recommendations, can of course have titles other than the proposed format.

I intend to edit thread titles that do not stick to the format but fall within the three categories. I will however save the original titles on my harddisk and in this thread so that things can always be reversed if necessary. Below you find a list of changed thread titles.

* currently not enforced

2. List of changed thread titles
The following are the original titles of threads that have now been changed to conform to the standards set out above. If a majority of people wish it, all changes can be reverted to these original titles:

Former title: Ghosts/Aliens  | Now:   Trey Hamburger - Ghosts/Aliens (2008)
Former title: Abduction by John Mack  | Now:   John Mack - Abduction (2007)
Former title: Has anyone read this book by Oliver Sacks, Musicophilia   | Now: Oliver Sacks - Musicophilia (2008)
Former title: Where children run | Now: Karen J. Emilson - Where Children Run (1996)
Former title: Book: Extraordinary Knowing    | Now: Elizabeth Lloyd Mayer - Extraordinary knowing (2008)
Former title: Quirkology Skeptisism  | Now: Richard Wiseman - Quirkology (2007)
Former title: Srephen King - The Dark Tower Series  | Now:   Stephen King - The Dark Tower Series (1970-2004)
Former title: Steven Erikson - The Malazan Book of the Fallen | Now: Steven Erikson - Malazan Book of the Fallen (1999 - ?)
Former title: Ayn Rand - Atlas Shrugged(1957) | Now: Ayn Rand - Atlas Shrugged (1957)
Former title: Dune | Now: Frank Herbert - Dune (1965)
Former title: Dan Savage - Skipping towards Gomorrah 2003 | Now: Dan Savage - Skipping Towards Gomorrah (2003)
Former title: Michael Shermer - Why People Believe Weird Things (1997,2002 | Now: Michael Shermer - Why People Believe Weird Things (1997)
Former title: The Count of Monte Cristo | Now: Alexandre Dumas - The Count of Monte Cristo (1844)
Former title: 1491 by charles mann | Now: Charles C. Mann - 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus (2005)
Former title: The Vampire Chronicles | Now: Anne Rice - The Vampire Chronicles (1976 - ?)
Former title: Chaz Bufe - The American Heretic's Dictionary | Now: Chaz Bufe - The American Heretic's Dictionary (1992)
Former title: Terry Pratchett- Discworld | Now: Terry Pratchett - Discworld (1983 - ?)
Former title: World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War | Now: Max Brooks - World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War (2006)
Former title: Guns, Germs, and Steel by Jared Diamond | Now: Jared Diamond - Guns, Germs, and Steel (1997)
Former title: Ishmael by Daniel Quinn | Now: Daniel Quinn - Ishmael (1992)
Former title: Julia Sweeney - Giving up on god | Now: Julia Sweeney - Letting Go of God (2004)
Former title: The Alphabet Of Manliness | Now: Maddox - The Alphabet of Manliness (2006)
Former title: Snake oil science | Now: R. Barker Bausell - Snake Oil Science (2007)
Former title: GOD The failed hypothesis - Victor J. Stenger (2007) | Now: Victor J. Stenger - God: The Failed Hypothesis (2007)
Former title: William Kotzwinkle - The Fan Man - 1974 | Now: William Kotzwinkle - The Fan Man (1974)
Former title: Isaac Asimov - Foundation and Empire | Now: Isaac Asimov - Foundation and Empire (1952)
Former title: Uri Geller: My Story | Now: Uri Geller - My Story (1975)
Former title: Bare-faced Messiah: The True Story of L. Ron Hubbard by journalist Russell Mille | Now: Russell Miller - Bare-faced Messiah: The True Story of L. Ron Hubbard (1987)
Former title: Me Write Book: It Bigfoot Memoir | Now: Graham Roumieu - Me Write Book: It Bigfoot Memoir (2005)
Former title: The Atheist Debater's Handbook | Now: B.C. Johnson - The Atheist Debater's Handbook (1983)
Former title: Susan Jacoby -Freethinkers, a history of American Secularism (2004) | Now: Susan Jacoby - Freethinkers: A history of American Secularism (2004)
Former title: Hofstadter-Gödel, Escher, Bach:an Eternal Golden Braid(1979) | Now: Douglas Hofstadter - Gödel, Escher, Bach: an Eternal Golden Braid (1979)
Former title: Foundation Series | Now: Isaac Asimov - Foundation (1942 - 1993)
Former title: Steven Brust (The Vladimir Taltos Books) | Now: Steven Brust - Vlad Taltos (1983 - ?)
Former title: "the new kings of none fiction" | Now: Ira Glass - The New Kings of Nonfiction (2007)
Former title: C.D. Payne - Youth in Revolt | Now: C.D. Payne - Youth in Revolt (1993)
Former title: Time Enough for Love by Robert A. Heinlein | Now: Robert A. Heinlein - Time Enough for Love (1973)
Former title: Sword of Truth | Now: Terry Goodkind - The Sword of Truth (1994 - ?)
Former title: Bigfoot Exposed | Now: David J. Daegling - Bigfoot Exposed (2005)
Former title: Chuck Palahniuk - Snuff | Now: Chuck Palahniuk - Snuff (2008)
Former title: Athiesm, Morality, and Meaning by Michael Martin | Now: Michael Martin - Atheism, Morality, and Meaning (2002)
Former title: Gregory Bateson- Mind and Nature (1979) | Now: Gregory Bateson - Mind and Nature (1979)
Former title: Al Franken- The Truth (with Jokes) (2005) | Now: Al Franken - The Truth (with jokes) (2005)
Former title: Shiva Descending by Gregory Benford and William Rotsler 1980 | Now: Gregory Benford & William Rotsler - Shiva Descending (1980)
Former title: Robert A Heinlein - Starship Troopers (1959) | Now: Robert A. Heinlein - Starship Troopers (1959)
Former title: George R. R. Martin ASoIaF | Now: George R. R. Martin - A Song of Ice and Fire (1996 - ?)
Former title: A Child Called It | Now: Dave Pelzer - A Child Called "It" (1995)
Former title: Benjamin Radford and Joe Nickell - Lake Monster Mysteries (2006) | Now: Benjamin Radford & Joe Nickell - Lake Monster Mysteries (2006)
Former title: The Boomer Bible - By R.F. Laird | Now: R. F. Laird - The Boomer Bible (1991)
Former title: America Against the World | Now: Andrew Kohut & Bruce Stokes - America Against the World (2006)
Former title: Coercion, by Douglas Rushkoff | Now: Douglas Rushkoff - Coercion (2000)
Former title: Leonard Susskind - The Black Hole War (unabridged 2008) | Now: Leonard Susskind - The Black Hole War (2008)
Former title: Watchmen | Now: Alan Moore - Watchmen (1986 - 1987)
Former title: Dragonlance (198something) | Now: Margaret Weis, Tracy Hickman et al. - Dragonlance (1984 - ?)
Former title: Mind Performance Hacks by O'Reilly Media | Now: Ron Hale-Evans - Mind Performance Hacks (2006)
Former title: Mary Roach - Stiff: the curious lives of cadavers | Now: Mary Roach - Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers (2003)
Former title: Lincoln's Melancholy - Joshua Wolf shank | Now: Joshua Wolf Shenk - Lincoln's Melancholy (2005)
Former title: Mattie Stepanek - Heartsongs | Now: Mattie Stepanek - Heartsongs (2002)
Former title: Death from the Skies | Now: Phil Plait - Death from the Skies! (2008)
Former title: Snow Crash - Neal Stephenson (1992) | Now: Neal Stephenson - Snow Crash (1992)
Former title: Book "Worried Sick" by Nortin M. Hadler, M.D. | Now: Nortin M. Hadler - Worried Sick (2008)
Former title: Lovecraft | Now: H. P. Lovecraft (1890 - 1937)
Former title: I just read A Brief History Of Time | Now: Stephen Hawking - A Brief History of Time (1988)
Former title: The Hungry Scientist | Now: Patrick Buckley & Lily Binns - The Hungry Scientist Handbook (2008)
Former title: Big Bang - Simon Singh(2004) | Now: Simon Singh - Big Bang: The Origin of the Universe (2005)
Former title: The Lord of the Rings - J.R.R. Tolkien | Now: J. R. R. Tolkien - The Lord of the Rings (1954 - 1955)
Former title: In Defense of Food - Michael Pollan (2008) | Now: Michael Pollan - In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto (2008)
Former title: Terry Brooks, Shannara Series (1977-present) | Now: Terry Brooks - Shannara (1977 - ?)
Former title: Fairway to hell - Carl Hiaasen (2008) | Now: Carl Hiaasen - Fairway to Hell (2008)
Former title: 1984 |Now: George Orwell - 1984 (1949)
Former title: The Long Way Out of Hell | Now: Marilyn Manson, Neil Strauss - The Long Way Out of Hell
Former title: Best Bathroom Book Evar | Now: Andrew Impey, Mark Steer, Hayley Birch - Defining Moments in Science (2008)
Former title: Parenting Beyond Belief | Now: Dale McGowan - Parenting Beyond Belief (2007)
Former title: The Demon-Haunted World | Now: Carl Sagan, Ann Druya - The Demon-Haunted World (1997)
Former title: The Shocked. Doctrine. | Now: Naomi Klein - The Shock Doctrine (2008)
Former title: The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution | Now Richard Dawkins - The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution (2009)

3. Links
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