List of the Not the Very Best TV Shows

Started by mindme, January 12, 2015, 09:57:31 AM

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Finishing The Strain tonight. It's a mixed bag.

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Not sure on which thread to put Katla (2021). It has some amazing shots of Icelandic scenery, and I liked the story and at least half of the characters (which is getting to be a rarity). The story is not new but the central plot is dealt with in a relatively novel way. So I give it an 8+/10. Is that the very best? Almost but not quite. I may watch this again next year and remember nothing about it other than some nice cinematography. Realistically speaking probably more of a comment on my memory in recent years but then I did just remember like one human's name at the last meetup so I'm going to chalk it up to memorability anyway.


Reacher is OK, I guess. Nothing special, but does the job and does not go that heavily into copaganda. I wish they stuck to the small town stuff for the second season, though
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