Hackers and maths prove evolution

Started by Citizen Skeptic, December 16, 2010, 02:24:18 PM

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Citizen Skeptic

New mathematics research proves there's plenty of time for evolution

QuoteHerbert Wilf, Penn's Thomas A. Scott Emeritus Professor of Mathematics, and Warren Ewens, emeritus professor of biology, say their model directly challenges the long-standing contention among some doubters that evolution couldn't have happened because the small changes in species outlined by the theory simply would have taken too much time to be completed.

QuoteAccording to Wilf, the understanding of evolution reached in the paper can best be illustrated by thinking about the two different ways a hacker might try to break into a computer.

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I find it fascinating that someone got a publication out of that in 2011.   

This seems to be exactly what Dawkins wrote about in the Blind Watchmaker back in 1986.


Did it really take 25 years to come up with a mathematical model to show this?