Episode #342

Started by Steven Novella, February 04, 2012, 12:56:45 PM

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Okay, so I'm super sad that I didn't jump directly into this thread after hearing the WTN not too long after the episode went up. The thing is, I woke up the next morning absolutely convinced that I had a dream that the Who's That Noisy was Bach's Goldberg Variations played on his actual own clavichord or whatnot, but that I won the Who's That Noisy because I had time-travelled back to 2008 shortly before the episode aired (wrong year!), with the foreknowledge of what the Who's That Noisy was going to be.

This is all a big irrelevant and roundabout way of saying that I was wrong, and found the Lego one so much more awesome.  ::)
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Who was the Fred that has the website with skeptical quotes on it?

His last name was somewhat spoken over.

Anyone have a link to his site?

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WTN : I believe previous poster who said it was Bach Goldberg variations is correct. I haven't heard many and they're probably all different, but I'll guess the instrument is "prepared piano," a technique of altering a piano by inserting foreign objects into the strings. For some reason. Sorry if this has already been guessed... I haven't read all the previous replies.